How Can You Help



While we hope that someone will give us land, we also may have to buy some. Whether we are given land or have to purchase it, there will be significant cost to developing the land. Please share your money with us so that together we can bring our friends into homes and a loving community.

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Our most basic need at this point is land – a place to build. We are looking for land within about 25 minutes of Bryan/College Station. Five acres would work, more would be great, and we would be willing to consider less – even smaller areas that might not house the main village but could be satellite communities of a few homes. Please contact us if you have land that you would be interested in being used for this project



To help us get land, as well as other help, we need to get the word out. We need people to tell their churches and civic organizations about us. We need people to invite us to come speak to their group. We need media outlets to help us get the word out. Please share us on Facebook, talk to your friends about us, and help us network.



We are not at this stage yet, but we hope to be soon. Please consider how you might be able to help with the home building – through donations of money or materials, or through your skills related to building homes.