Our Story


Looking Back

In 2007, we started organizing potluck meals at Neal Park in Bryan. The goal of these meals is to sit down together as friends, with folks who are experiencing homelessness and poverty as well as folks with more access to resources. We meet and eat every weekend, and these meals lead to relationships across lines of race, wealth, and national origin.

These meals still go on every Sunday at 1:30 at Neal Park. Anyone can bring food, and no one has to bring food, but it always seems to work out well despite having very minimal organization (basically we just need someone to wash the dishes and bring them back for the next meal). Each week we are blessed with food despite there being no guarantee that this will happen. We would love for you to come eat at the park with us.

As a community of friends, we are passionate about housing our brothers and sisters who haven’t had access to housing, and many small efforts have been made to do so over the years, whether it was a group of students taking in someone who had been sleeping outside, or a family opening up their guest bedroom to friends from the streets.


This passion has led us to start Tiny Hope Village.

Looking Forward

Tiny Hope Village has purchased 7 acres of land for a tiny house village, a community of support for our friends who have been experiencing homelessness. The village will be a permanent housing solution, not transitional housing. It will be a place for people both with and without income. It will be a missional community, where everyone there is involved in doing the good work of housing people who are not getting housing through what is otherwise available in the area.

More than a group of houses that are affordable, we will run as an intentional community. Many of the residents who will live there need more support than simply a house, and we will offer that support as a community, with each resident working to serve the others who live there.

While our primary focus will be housing the precious people in our community who have experienced chronic homelessness, this will not be the only demographic living at Tiny Hope Village – we will also be open to folks who have not experienced homelessness but want to live and serve as part of this intentional community – not as caseworkers, staff, or volunteers, but as community members in full standing like everyone else living there.