Executive Director

Dan Kiniry

Dan Kiniry is the Executive Director of Tiny Hope Village, and reports to the Board of Directors. He is the founder and facilitator of the Neal Park Potluck Meals. He has an amazing, beautiful wife and three precious daughters. In the midst of facilitating the potlucks over the last 11 years, he spent a good part of that time (prior to marriage and fatherhood) experiencing homelessness and needing the hospitality of others, which was a great time of connecting with and learning from others experiencing homelessness in the area.

Board of Directors

Holly Gibbs

Holly Gibbs

Holly Gibbs, PhD is a research scientist with the Tissue Microscopy Lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. She has three beautiful children, is a great photographer, and has been involved with the Neal Park potluck meals for about 10 years.

Brian Gibbs


Brian Gibbs (Secretary of the Board of Directors) is co-owner of PACT Design Studio and also lectures in the Architecture Department of Texas A&M University. He has three beautiful children (coincidentally, the same children as Holly Gibbs), loves design, and has backyard chickens, like everyone else on the founding board.

Jane Sherman


Jane Sherman (President of the Board of Directors) is married to Matt Sherman and mom to two kids. She and her family reside in Bryan. She is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity. She is drawn to the mission of Tiny Hope Village because it challenges her to recognize the humanity of every person, no matter where they are in life.

Matthew Sherman


Matthew Sherman (Treasurer of the Board of Directors) is mobile app designer, home remodeler, entrepreneur, and advocate for quality affordable housing. He believes deeply that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and that we as a community can find ways to come together and care for the needs of our big family. He has two beautiful children and he and Jane approach life as an adventure.

Sarah Kiniry


Sarah Kiniry is a mother, teacher, strong advocate, and amazing wife (hey, these bios are all written or edited by her husband). She fights for the rights of children, women, and anyone who she sees as needing someone in their corner. She and her husband Dan and their daughters attempt to live in solidarity with friends who are going through homelessness in the area.